Sir Kep's Mummy Tummy

by Marcos Eduardo Villalta

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I make salad because no one loves me. No one loves me because I make salad.
I hate people because no one loves me. No one loves me because I hate people.
I open doors because no one loves me. No one loves me because I open doors.
I eat people because no one loves me. No one loves me because I eat people.
I paint egg shells because no one loves me. No one loves me because I paint egg shells.
I fap because no one loves me. No one loves me because I fap.
I write self help books because no one loves me. No one loves me because I write self help books.
I do your laundry because no one loves me. No one loves me because I do your laundry.
I'm fat because no one loves me. No one loves me because I'm fat.
I failed Social Sciences because no one loves me. No one loves me because I failed Social Sciences.

- Album info -
I had the extreme pleasure(and pain) of recording and performing all parts on this album.

Thanks to:
My parents, Leticia and Francisco, for their massive support emotionally and financially. My great friend Sarah Galdes, for providing the drum kit and one of her mics, but most importantly her unusual brain. Those friends and family who make life great. The people who listen to my work and who have supported me throughout my time as a performer/recorder.


released January 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Marcos Villalta Melbourne, Australia

Marcos Villalta is a melbourne based guitarist and graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts. Improvisation is his central practice with a diverse of stylistic traits in his playing. He's performed in Contemporary Jazz Ensembles, Latin American bands, a 60's cover group, Rock Bands, Funk/Reggae groups, Jazz and Popular corporate bands, and other one-off projects. ... more

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Track Name: Leaving Your Body (Goodbye Now)
You've passed,

Now you're leaving your body.
Track Name: Click On The URL
Let's go now,

Let's go home now

We are going
Track Name: Let's Watch That Film, You Deserve It
(Fuck it)

I want to give you the gift.

Let's do it. Lets watch the movie. For you. (Fuck it)

Let's watch that film right now.

You probably deserve it most.

Most people say otherwise.

But I know.
Track Name: Up and Out
It's time to make a change

No more help

Pick up your shoes

Take your body for the walk.

You've talked to yourself enough,

Now walk the walk.

Now take off, now take flight, now you're off.
Track Name: Daily
In a car,
Travelling for hours.
Bathing in orange,
Sun half set.
We're in good company.
Dreamy and Happy.
Just up ahead is night time.
Something feels odd.

Now most are sleeping.
One girl is crying.
She pulls out a gun,
Puts a passenger to rest.
We are all freaking out.
This is our friend.
The car heads off, off road.
Screams come out.
More lives are taken.

There has to be more to life.
Two of us embrace in fear.
No one wants to say goodbye.
Then the gunner sings;
"Everyday's a cloudy day, all day everyday." (repeated)

Waking up.
Travelling for hours.
Bathing in Orange
Sun half set.
Track Name: Sir. TMTOIYIOXOIYIOTMT's Elephant
It's about a quarter past 11.

My brain is rolling over in its little grave.

The sky changes from a blue into a red.

The rainbow carpet roles out of the mouth.

It rolls out onto the suburban street.

The family four wheel drive it leaves this house.

Why do I only realise at this point that it's always sad to see them when they go?

It's now out of sight but I can still hear the engine, it's rumbling behind the houses up ahead.

It's in the distance and it fades out until I can't hear it anymore.

I'm always hungry and thirsty at this point but it's different this time I know.

What the fuck are you doing with that coffee table?

It's up in the dis...

No it won't.

It won't. (repeated)
Track Name: Stars And Things
Nuts and bolts and stars and things,

And this is what I want to see,

Seeing there right there in three,

Over there right there with thee,

Galaxies away from me,

Planets with their orange trees,

And full of giant golden seas,

And cities where we cannot breathe.
Track Name: Can I Meet Your Sister?
Can I meet your sister?
And can I eat her baby?
I'm hungry for that meatball.
It would be fucking crazy,
That baby's fucking crazy

Her mum's a pro wrestler,
She could be break my patella.
Nigella, Nigella, Nigella

I've got some furniture we can sit on,
Lets get out fucking drink on,
I'm a musician, is that a turn on?
I'm a moron.

Hey there matey, It's ok,
If you're feeling lazy and you're a little bit angry,
My mama took my toys until I ate my celery,
It wasn’t my thing, I chucked a tantrum, I’m amazin and I’m a shit head
And I’m not even the one who brings home the bre-ead
But I’ve wasted, so much of their money, it is really funny and it is also moronic
This gin and tonic taste so bad I want to vomit.
You’re a gromit and you know and you love to show it
Show it, matey, you know I dig it, mostly when you pull it out miss the toilet,
Hey can I join? Hold my pee pee, I’m having a good time cos we’re so fucking silly
Work is calling and I’ve got to fix a printer,
Hey now, that’s right now I’m a good sprinter,
I can make it on time if leave here now,
But I can get there even quicker If I ride on this cow
Fuck yeah, I’m a genius ,and you’ve never seen this ,
in my top 3 of ma big acheivements
That is Next to eating cereal, for breakfast lunch and dinner
And shaking hands with idol Chick Corea

Nigella (repeated)
Track Name: Lucky
Lucky I was born here

Not going to school without a roof.

No siblings shot dead.

Not living in civil war.

Not growing up poor.

Love from both parents.

Living making noise

...that not many people buy.

I love my life.
Track Name: Wise One
My wife is sick and she grows weak.
I stress because my house will fall.
Talk of revolution puts me in fear.
At work I was made redundant, what do I do?
My mind is full of sexual thoughts.

I constantly fear I will not achieve many things
(Wise one)Turn around now and I'll kick your behind.
How does one like myself become rich?
(Wise one) Beg and you shall receive.
My land grows dry as does my income.
(Wise one)Drink plenty of fluids as I.
They say we will consume this earth to its last breath.
(Wise One) I don't know.
Wise one what shall I do from here now?
What shall I do from here wise one?
(Wise one)I don't know.
Wise one?
Track Name: Here's'ereH MyM HousesuoH
All Parts recorded using my Mac Book Pro10, through the recording software, Garage Band.
Instrumentation :
- Guitars
- Garage Band Plugins
- Vocals