Pregdalia (Part 2)

by Marcos Eduardo V

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Hello and welcome! Meet my baby,Pregdalia, born November( something) 2013, weighing in at 0 pounds.
The tale of how she came to be is a tale of fire, angels, demons, dragons, romance, an epic journey of self discovery, and passion... oh intense passion!

One day in the dark depths of my discusting bedroom, I was heroicly cosuming a large bowl of cereal. While taming this giant beast of a dish I was blinded by a mysterious yet beautiful light. A mighty sound of horns filled the air, then an angel descended from the heavens soaked in a warm golden glow. With a powerful and angelic voice, resonating in the hidden depths of my soul, she said:

"Hello there Vallabhbhai, I have come with a message from the Almighty God. It 's demanded that you record the greatest album in the history of man, one that will bring together people of all races in peace and harmony, ridding of all violence present on this precious planet Earth." I froze for a moment, abosorbing what just happened. I then said,

"Oh gracious one, I am honoured by this holy privilege the almighty one has bestowed upon me. I must firstly correct your holliness, with the request of not consequently being sent to a firey death, that my name is not Vallabhbhai. I am Marcos Eduardo, the peasant son of Francisco Antonio, son of Francisco( ), and the list goes on.. Secondly my crops grow thin, the land, she is unhappy, I have not the sufficient resources to produce this album. Thirdly, my wife's love for me is dying and I am greatly concerned for our relationship. I approached Buddha for some love counsiling yet he gave me nothing. If I record this album, I humbly ask that my loving God makes my crops grow in abundance, and that he kill my wife. I hate that bitch, but I'm not a mysogonist."

My request for fertile land was denided, and what crops I had were completely burnt away through God's loving hand. My soil was left infertile, and my wife still lived on.

So, many uniteresting months passed, and then come November my album was recorded and launched!... It was not yet online though.

5 more uniteresting months later it is now available online as a digital copy!!

It is a mystery how the album was recorded without the requested resources, it just happened. Also sometime in that period I recieved a text message from the Hindu God, Ganesha, the message read:
"sorry 2 hear about ur crops, I knock off work @ 4:30pm, I'll call U thn babes."

- The end..................?

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Pregdalia Part 1

Here you will be taken on a journey through my exploration and expression in the use of midi and vocals. Recorded on my personal laptop mostly through the program Garage Band.

Pregdalia Part 2

The second disc contains solo guitar peices, with no overdubbing and each tune recorded as one track from start to finish, also recorded through my personal laptop in Garage Band.


released May 27, 2014


Thankyou to the recording engineer Steve Vertigan for assisting in the mastering process. His Soggy Dog Studio is a great place for any musician to record.

Thankyou to Mac computers and the underrated recording software Garage Band for beeing my tool in creating these tracks.

Thankyou to Rebecca Jensen and Sarah Aiken for performing at the launch in November 2013, they were excellent. Both great people to work with and definately forces to be reckoned with.

Thankyou to the people who support me, especially my parents Francisco and Leticia Villalta. Musically and healthwise it was a difficult year for me and I'm greatful for having had the help. 2013 I got tinnitus and had been fighting an ear infection for quite a while. Close to the album releases in November, I was shattered having lost the hearing in my left ear for almost 3 weeks. Thanks to the love and financial support of my parents I was able to push through it, and luckily it was only temporary. Upon my parents return from a 2 month holiday in El Salvador, my dad seeing how unhappy I was said words to me that will resonate internally forever.
"I want you to know, Marcos I love you, and you are my son. We will get through this". These sweet words reflect how amazingly sweet my parents are and I cannot thank them enough for everything they do.



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Marcos Villalta Melbourne, Australia

Marcos Villalta is a melbourne based guitarist and graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts. Improvisation is his central practice with a diverse of stylistic traits in his playing. He's performed in Contemporary Jazz Ensembles, Latin American bands, a 60's cover group, Rock Bands, Funk/Reggae groups, Jazz and Popular corporate bands, and other one-off projects. ... more

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